City location way off

The site shows the location of where the pictures was taken ‘near Zaanstad’. It gives this location to pictures taken in Alkmaar, Middenmeer and other cities I’ve done. The distance between Zaanstad and Alkmaar is at least 30 km and Middenmeer 50 km. Can’t the location be just the city where the picture was taken? Alkmaar is is big city.

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Hi Mark,
thanks for the feedback! I’m sure @soeren will chime in with some technical details soon, but in the meantime there’s an easy fix for your problem. Simply pick the location on the map using the marker and then enter whatever city you want in the input field. This overwrites the automatically chosen city. Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Lena is right: we show the next larger city only if you haven’t provided a location yourself.
As to why our platform chooses Zaanstad instead of Alkmaar: we chose to show larger (more than 100.000 inhabitants) cities in this field, so there is a chance that it will help a visitor to locate it. Unfortunately, our data base contains older information for some cities. For example, our data about Alkmaar was last updated in 2010 when it didn’t quite have 100.000 inhabitants yet.

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Hi Soeren en Lena,
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I see it now. Always looked at the pin, never below it :slight_smile:
I’m changing some of the locations now.
Alkmaar has anno 2018 107.822 in habitants. Are there plans to update your database? Or is it possible the manually update one city?

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