Horrible merging

I have tried many times, setting a lot of reference points, but I was not able to put together the photographs. I gave up one and simply set it up as an independent one. Is there any way to improve?
Thanks in advance for help.

I had a similar problem. After setting all the reference points and running the alignment the result looked very bad, regardless which/where/how many points I had set before.
Accidentially and luckily I found out that pressing the full-screen-view when the seemingly currupted aligned result was shown, the result was actually fine.
Maybe the it’s the same in your case. Maybe not.

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Hi @Marekrk! Were you able to improve your results? (Your Lviv pictures look great, thanks for sharing them! :smile: )

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to give a general solution to your problem. It’s possible that you could improve your result by positioning your markers more strategically but it’s also possible that your images’ perspectives differ too much to correct them. Have you had a look at our How To? It was contributed by our user @nwolpert and has some nice tips.

If you still have problems feel free to share your pictures. Maybe we can figure out what went wrong together.

(By the way: we are working on a new algorithm for the image alignment. We hope to improve alignment of pictures that differ in perspectives with it.)