Sharing all posts from a account

Is there a way to share all my posts via one URL? So went you click that URL you will see everything I uploaded in one glance.

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This is only possible for logged-in users at the moment, I’m afraid. You can point those users to your profile page which lists all your contributions.

The profile page isn’t visible to anonymous users or search engines, though. We built the platform this way to protect the privacy of our contributors. Is this something you would like to see changed, @archiefalkmaar? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply.
Yes I would really like a feature like that. I would like to place a link on my website directing people to all our then-and-now pictures, not just one.

I can search for everything made bij ‘archiefalkmaar’ but I can’t put the outcome in one URL which I can share.

Keep up the good work!

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This seems very reasonable, @archiefalkmaar. We will discuss this and come back to you on this.


Good news, @archiefalkmaar! :tada:
We added an URL parameter (named search) to our Browse page that allows you to link to specific searches. Like the search text field on the page it will look for your text in titles, descriptions and usernames.

So, in your case this link will show only pictures that you uploaded to

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Wow great!! Thanks!! That will help us a lot. I gave a place on our homepage.
Just made a in between page to explain what people were going to see.

In that page I used the embed code from to show a slilder. Maybe in te future a feature for :wink:

Thanks again for the quick fix!


Existe il une solution pour intégrer les slides a un site internet ? J’ ai bien compris que vous privilégiez la consultations sur votre plateforme mais n’est il pas possible d’intégrer cette fonction ?