Sites with three or more photos

How’s it going on the Pretty quiet?

I am wondering about photo sites with three or more photos. Then, then and now. How shall I post?

Sorry if this is an old topic. I searched and did not find.



Hi Robb,
Interesting idea, I’ve had the same thought since I also had cases were I had photos from 3 time points with matching perspective. For the moment this is not a feature on this site yet. Actually as I imagine it, it would be a bit hard to navigate. How would this best be done, with two different sliders to move?


Hi Nicolai,

Yes, I too have one with, I think, with five dates. And I start thinking, should I post 1 and 5? 1-2, 2-3, etc?

To me it’s one more reason for sliders to go away. But I never did like sliders, or fades, or animations, or anything except the bare photos. I have come to believe that we should all try to move toward fullscreen and cleanscreen. It just turns into a slideshow.

This reminds me of the discussion in the 1990s of people wanting before-and-after photos displayed side-by-side on the screen, as they had to be on paper. We finally moved on from that.

And it’s really the same discussion as removing the big distinction between sites with 1 photo and sites with 2 (or more), and of posting far more 1-photo sites.