Strategies for covering a big city?

As a digital nomad, I am constantly on the move and usually don’t stay longer than two or three months in one place. This limits my time to take pictures in each city. A few days ago I arrived in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and noticed that there is a huge number of historical pictures around. KL was under colonial administration of the British and they constructed a lot of buildings, bridges and churches in the early 20th century that still exist today.

Now I wonder what the best strategy is to make the most of my time here. KL is a big city and I can only get around by taxi. I already started a private google map where I pin places of which I found historical pictures. With google street view I check whether the building still exists. This way I can plan my trips geographically and avoid unnecessary trips to the same area.

What other tricks do you use for efficiency?


When I lived in Berkeley I often thought about writing a book “San Francisco in 12 hours” for the busy tourist. It would list the photographic highlights together with their locations and the “best” time of the day to capture them, all arranged in a efficient traveling salesman tour.