Upcoming Changes

Dear fellow rephotographers,

thanks to your helpful feedback, we can now announce some exciting changes which will be introduced step by step in the coming weeks.

Tags for compilations

(Thanks, @nwolpert)
Soon, you’ll be able to add tags to your compilations. This means that users will be able to browse our collection by topic.

Tags will be shown under each compilation. Clicking on a tag will show all compilations with the same tag.

Additionally, we’ll introduce a page listing all tags, sortable by alphabet, trending, etc.

Approximate creation date of pictures

(Thanks, @tomasz-hejna)
You’ll be able to click a checkbox if you don’t know the exact date a picture was taken. We will then mark the date accordingly for other users looking at your compilation.

Unknown authors of pictures

(Thanks, @nwolpert)
Just click a checkbox if you don’t know the author of a picture and we will mark it accordingly on your compilation’s page.

Number of compilation views

We’ll track and show how many visitors each compilation had and add a summary of all views on users’ profile pages.

Improved design of compilation descriptions

(Thanks, @nwolpert)
We’ll improve the design of your compilation descriptions to help distinguish it from the comments section.

Thank you so much for your ideas and continued participation! :slight_smile:

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Dear rephotographers,

we are pleased to announce that all promised changes are now implemented and ready for you to use. :tada:

Tags for compilations

At you’ll now be able to browse through our compilations sorted by tags.
With the top right navigation you can choose which tags are shown (Popular, Undiscovered or Alphabetical).

For this feature to function properly, you need to tag your images, of course. This works as following:

Setting tags

Setting tags is easy. When uploading a new compilation, simply choose a fitting tag from the existing list (between Category and Title) or create a new one.

To add tags to an already published compilation, click on “Edit” above your images.

Tags should be in English. We welcome discussions regarding the best practices of tagging - just start a thread here in the Forum! :slight_smile:

Unknown Authors & Dates

You can now click a checkbox to set an author or the date of an image as unknown. We will then automatically translate this information to other languages.

New Design

We improved the design of the compilations' description to help distinguish it from the comments section and to create new space for tags and the number of the compilation's views.

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We are looking forward to your feedback and hope you’ll enjoy trying our new features!

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